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Susanne Atkin MA, ARPS

Degree in the History of Art, University of East Anglia; worked as an archaeological finds researcher; then as a professional freelance indexer specialising in art and archaeology.  In 2009 completed an MA Photography degree at University College Falmouth, Cornwall.


An interest in re-enactment photography developed from attending events with the Fairfax Battalia of the English Civil War Society and the Tudor Group. Although I have always refused to don any kind of costume or kit, it was interesting to observe the recreation of historical periods through living history encampments and skirmishes, and, in particular, the interaction with historic buildings and locations, such as The Commandery in Worcester and St Fagans Museum in Wales.


I very rarely ask re-enactors to pose, preferring to quietly observe, waiting for unguarded, 'real' moments. When a re-enactment group take care to achieve a high standard of authenticity, the results show in the images: in the colours, textures and artefacts, and in the 'atmosphere' of the scenes.  


I now use mainly digital cameras, although some of the images on this website were taken with film cameras and then scanned.  Because some of the older images were taken in awkward, low-light conditions, some have been slightly 'rescued'; other images have been changed from colour to black and white;  but otherwise the photos on this website have not been manipulated on a computer.  


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Kate Atkin BA (Hons), ARPS

Graduated in Photography from University College Falmouth, Cornwall, and now a freelance photographer specialising in Dance and Performance. Asa teenager, Kate took part in some English Civil War re-enactments by the Fairfax Battalia, but after 'borrowing'  a digital camera for  events such as Kirby Hall and Hounslow, she became more interested in photography, capturing many a 'decisive moment' during battles and skirmishes.

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Malcolm Atkin BA (Hons), MIFA, FSA

A former professional archaeologist with a long-standing involvement in re-enactment.  Main photographic interest is in the use of period cameras to explore the means of contemporary recording, particularly the work of the WW2 British Army Film and Photography Unit.